Modern British Conservation

We preserve, restore and conserve anything that our clients would like us to. We specialize in objects on paper, principally art, and our clients include important collectors, museums and private galleries, as well as individuals.

We’re particularly good at art on paper: drawings, watercolours, prints, oil on paper, collage and posters. Recent projects have even included, fans, Chinese wallpaper and family albums.


We like talking about art & its conservation

Who is this service for?

Most of our clients come to us for two principal reasons: they have an artefact or object that needs to be looked after and they don’t know what to do next; or, they have a distressed item whose integrity and / or value needs to be protected in the right way.

We can help with any aspect of conservation since we have specialist contacts in the industry in the following areas: inter alia oil-painting conservators, bookbinders, framers, and mounters.