Our Values

We believe in combining old-fashioned levels of service with modern, innovative ideas and technology.


We understand that each individual has a different relationship to his/her own possessions, and we respect this relationship as standing at the core of your wishes. After assessing the object, we explain how to ensure the health of the art. We discuss this extensively with you. We take responsibility for what we do.

We treat you the way we would like to be treated by a business: politely with courtesy, slowly and providing value for money in a competitive market-place.


In the modern world, conservation cannot function without a good grounding in science – and a constant awareness of new developments. We consider it to be a responsibility to you to be on the ball. At a less direct level, this also applies to an understanding of how a work was painted, when, which materials used and how they should now be approached. We believe you cannot conserve art to an excellent standard without understanding it as a piece of art.

The heritage sector provides tremendous opportunities to share and educate, providing rich and diverse knowledge of conservation in all sectors. The members of our team take time to learn, go to conferences, talks, read, collaborate with other professionals, teach and disseminate knowledge.


Impeccable standards of workmanship are absolutely essential in our work. Aptitude, dexterity, ambition and years of experience are taken to hone skills in diverse techniques, including paper repair, lining, infilling, cleaning and retouching..


However much your love and affection for your work might be the main priority for you, we also understand that artefacts have a commonly-shared financial value. This value is a part of its importance, say, in preserving it for future generations. As such, we take this responsibility very seriously.

We are focused on providing a service that is timely, bespoke and ethical. We like working to deadlines. What we do is governed by what our clients actually want, but we provide ethical input and guidelines that help our clients to make the right choice.

There are three cornerstones to our entire business: excellent craftsmanship, innovative science and thorough art history. We pride ourselves on high standards of old-fashioned physical workmanship alongside more innovative and up-to-date scientific developments. In the case of art, we believe that a work cannot be properly conserved without an understanding of its art-historical past, genesis and significance. All these factors combine to provide an all-encompassing and happy solution, in our view.